M.O.B. (real maine strain)

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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

are you guys talking about actinovate...or neem. havn't tried either.
cuz jon, you got me thinking i should look closer. found some on LSD...
has about 3 wks left. mob is good. put a fan on them under the 1000 to dry em...now its sunny..
couple spots...just cut that limb, removed...and so we got some preme...alls well
i have been flowering outdoors. like i said tenting them, and bringing them
right indoors depending on my ambition....
think the dry saved my ass.
and all my stuff in veg is fine too...they like it.
our beautifull buds....
make a grown man cry

my master plan of havn the light off april-aug...thats a good one charlie
more like off for june....bfd..lol
so this older chap... told me some people like to put 3' plants out on july 1st...let em go.
i like that
my 2nd yr here, so this is normal rainfall i'm told. thats just outstanding.....
we get july-august. there are two mud/rain seasons i guess. i run the stove here there
all year dry my life out. sorry.
I was talking about Actinovate. I have only used neem in veg, so dont know, but assumed it would affect taste. Maybe not though? Yeah, it doesn't take long for it to spread. I wish I had chopped earlier, could have saved more. Got to keep a close eye on them. Once I put them out, I never bring them back in though. Learned the hard way about bringing bugs in! I like the idea of putting 3' plants out July 1st, makes sense. The rain ruined my plans for a nice July harvest :-(
Jon Snow

Jon Snow

ive had buds that taste like straight neem before, when i told my buddy that thats what was makin his buds from cali smell like that the next day he went out and bought a big ol jug of neem so he could make his crop taste like that cuz he liked it so funny dude lololololol
That is too funny!


i hear ya, but i raise shepherds...in home. gonna have stuff anyways..
also going to get a hotshotz pest strip heard good shit.
is not on the plant

ooh. thinking of getting 2k ladybugs on ebay...let em go inside
and outside...i got cultivated raspberries..
comes with a free praying mantis egg sack...



heh, how was everybodies 4th?...
not wanting to be an ass, just wanted to show maines' M .O.B.
most people are really liking it....is not my fav....does have a good buzz.
no lathargicy....plenty clear. all day smoke. is comatosing some....people are kinda sounding
a lil drunk..:). i am getting very nice/crackly/phonesex operator type calls from my girl
she loves it. buddy brought some from a maine dispensery @ $350/oz
mine was better under dry....in my opinon...his was early.
i have same strain as maine green cross....choice pheno....
taste, smell....purple.
i say wine vomit. why i am not a superfan


the end


or is it...
just became a care giver... new friend, giving me another variation of mob, is also mob, maine only berry,
guess its a blueberry, guy who made strain will be at a meeting I go to.
plus, im making some stuff along,like, across? afghani,mob shit
creating my own genetics.......all the kids are doing it!

reopening thread, will keep you posted, 420, where's the goji

my buddy is on the neem, what do I do:)


gave a buddy a cut of this MOB,


here is the MOB(maine only blueberry), and dutch paradise's MOB, is pretty good...not like this one.

yea, they look rough, but, free. . says hell give me new ones if/when they die..don't tell people i'm givn you bad clones....ok
I won't buddy:) much
hes a good dude...im playin, plus, ill take them like this w/ no bugs....nice


the duch MOB passed on, thought it would.
got island madness doing well. gave the some nitro, potassium, and iron, get the yellow out

I am doing strange things to my strain.....grew it with my raspberries...grew like them, tastes different.
was strong...should be more harty

monsoon pot, red eye purple charmin

so many from here, like candyland


shit. wrote pm 3 times, keep not posting
hers the pics, plants have been fixed. gave n, p, and k, individually lol
duch died...was doa
mobs, mob.bb. and island madness




was reading this.. it was a funny thread..
OK..big news. Been 3yrs. i got into genetics..and.. was being proud....and got rid of all strains not of me. also had two puppy vs plants massacres so..seemed good idea.
except.. the MOB..
3yrs...then.. i wanted badly to cross... no one will even sell clones now..
linked up with..paid and gave seeds and clones and.. i got cuts back
from same person..same plant...:) frKn LuKy
plants have paths..and this is an elusive girl..
she is back with me now..we got over our issue.
we got plans...yumm

is fat leaf cherry... the one in pics..
the blueberry one does not interest me
i have my land shark crossed with NLB

blackfoot genetics
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We got mob right here in Rhode Island. Been around for over 7 years easy. I was told mother of berry, Marley origanil bud. But the mother of berry stuck . I can get the clone at any time.


is it the same strain
no one changes names unless they are being low vibe
i heard same thing..RI school "Matties Own Bud"
any pics?
yes.. it is been around for a bit..
but...it is from Maine
we all know the person up here..
huge story..exciting

then another person.. made MOB in Maine is Maine's Own Blueberry
this is an old thread..way back i ad both..pics somewhere

said before.. this is the fat leaf cherry
clones of this.. if you can get? are double
you could sell them in Maine... for $40I am a Caregiver...
guy is friend.. still had to wait..pay..
same friend... 5yr same strain..
i a repeating my self.. do not think you have read the thread ?

this thread has almost 3k views
MOB Mother of Berry
there is only One

7 (2).JPG

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Yes huge buds like that last pic. My buddy got it from an older guy who had land up Maine years ago. He use to live around my way and was a good friend of mine growing up step dad. He since moved to the Philippines , found a wife on the Internet. Haven't heard anything from him since the big tsunami a few years back.


very cool bro

smokey.. was thinking about mass.. forgot to respond

worcester is fun... maybe you check out Centerfolds 2000 grafton. iv'e had much fun there..
Maine life is nothing like mass life for me

talk soon
peace guys
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