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Day 64 of Flower, harvested the plants today. It got a bit hotter than I wanted it to a few days in the tent this past week. The plants could've finished better, but they'll still be good flowers once they're dried, trimmed, and cured.

20230415 083757

20230415 083803

20230415 083811

20230415 084356

20230415 084651

20230415 084701

20230415 084707

20230415 084720


Finally finished up trimming these flowers earlier this week, got a ridiculous amount of dried flower out of this grow. I didn't bother weighing the MAC Stomper plants, didn't even trim the MAC Stomper #1. I've got a very healthy MAC Stomper #2 in a 10 gal bag that I'm gonna flip to Flower tomorrow. Excited to see how much better it will do this second time around.

I weighed the two MAC plants and one Colombian Miracle. Ran a single HLG 350R over them, they weren't getting too much light from the other light except the colas that were closer to the center of the tent.

The two MAC plants weighed 378 g/13.45 oz and the one Colombian Miracle plant weighed 226 g/8.075 oz for a total of 604 g/21.57 oz/1.35 lb, pretty damn good for 330 watts of electricity.

20230513 080251

MAC Flower
20230513 080344

20230513 080435

Colombian Miracle
20230513 080518

20230513 080556

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