Mainlining purple indica strain 16 main colas

Read it somewhere online and heard it from other growers
Got my first coco grow and first mainlines going. They're about 7 weeks. Only going for 8 colas but thought about trying 16 on 5 plants for a 3x10' SOG outside in the soil next spring. Got a 2x4 frame i built for tomatoes. Will start filling the plots with horse and chicken manure next month. Can't wait.

Nice work.👍
Noticed that some sugar leaf's and little patches of calyx are turning purple
My uncle had to plants laying around one was flowering already and had all purple buds the other looked like it wanted to flower but it turned out to be a Male and pollinated the female did not know what kind of strains
Now that I seeing this plant so close to harvest i don't think it's going to turn all purple like the plant i got the seeds from
Getting ready for my next grow, I'm switching to HID lights. 1000w hortilux hps and mh bulbs, Just finished my setup. got a 6" inline fan with a 6" air cooling reflector 17" width × 21" wide × 8" tall and a 1000w hydro crunch ballast.
Growing 3 CHEM DOG # 4 feminized seeds, and depending on the footprint of the new light 3 to 6 seeds of the same strain I'm growing now. Thinking of mainlining all plants too. Using the same LED grow light for seedling stage, and the same fox farm nutrients and same XTREME GARDENING products. trying new microbes, MICROBE LIFE HYDROPONICS photosynthesis plus. It's a 5 × 10 custom home made tent.