o.k. my friends , she is 3 weeks into flower , I did a little pruning early towards the bottom , not sure how much I need to remove and where , to make those colas fat ! ( 8 colas )
She's in a 5 gal . and pretty big across , will post pics when I get home from work . thanks !
I am finishing my second mainline. I cut tomato rings down and they worked well this time. I think your rings may be too low to do anything--did that my first time. These are my white widows a week out I think. The one on the right foxtailed bad...
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Meant to say just had to put bamboo up to tie buds up yesterday because they cant support themselves at all--rings worked real well for me because I used them to tie colas down when training.
I'm just wondering if I should pluck the lowest popcorn buds , trim a few leaves up , try to get them colas fattened up , I don't mind little buds they go for edibles , but shooting for bigger colas and less little guys . Just wondering when I should remove them or even some branches off the mains , that have little stuff on them . First time at mainlining .


To be honest I wouldn't bother with mainlining.Looking cool but requires more time,mixed technics will also shape them nice and probably faster.....I have few started like that(not on purpose,i had to cut clones)but I prefer to just LST,super crop or whatever I decide in the moment,it doesn't have to be so symmetrical......Last pic is not started like that but also cute Blue dream-humbold.
morugawelder:You could clean some more things(lower small branches may be) but it looks very nice now!:)Cut by feeling or you can just leave it like that:)Other thing you can do is spread the branches a little more,put the bigger leaves under the tops.....May be I would cut off some bigger leaves but I don't know,I like it now without too much interruption:)May be you can take them off last weeks of flowering,before you chop......
Your right it does take quite a while to get to where it is , she does spread out pretty big thats in a 4 x 4 , she's about 30 " across . Doesn't leave much room for another that way .I think I will leave it alone for awhile and do some trimming a few weeks before plucking . I'll be starting some Turkish cookies and Fruity Pebbles O.g. X alien dog cherry in a little while .
I think I'll maybe just does what you said , wanna get a couple of them in there .