Make cartridges with rosin from hash

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I don't know. Some say it is possible and some say it is not. I'm confused :). I would like the testimony of someone who has tried
You absolutely can press hash. When you press hash it is called hash rosin. You need to buy the smallest micron bags. It can come out in a million different consistencies based on temp, pressure, and original contents of hash.


So you've had pretty decent results with the "source turbo"? Any problems with the machine or using it at all??

I'm trying my hand at making qwiso and hash rosin carts and if that fails I might buy the source turbo
Yes. The Source Turbo works very well for small batches. It is automated. Set your altitude, fill the crucible, push a button, and kick back.

A nice feature would be temperature and vacuum pressure display. But I guess that doesnt really matter if you have no control over it.

I have had no problems with or using the unit. It is pretty much straight forward. Anyone could use it. I did it once just to try, but you can also use it as a vacuum pump to filter. Manufacturer actually endorses the use.

Great unit.

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