Male Or Female ? Unknowns

She going on 10 days 12/12 can I still clone her today?
I always take cuttings until about 2 weeks in..They actually do better than the ones I take in late veg (I veg for between 7-8 weeks until they mature). I also find that keeping the cuttings, wrapped in a wet paper towel and zip baggie in the veggie crisper (fridge), explode when they are actually planted. I just finished a quick experiment on a female Crackleberry (GPS). took 3 cuts in late veg and only 1 survived (still sketchy looking). Then after she was a week in flower, took 5 more..ALL rooted within 6 days in a simple propagator and dome with Clonex Gel and 6.0 ph'd water. (I drop a lil KLN rooting solution in the mix).
My DYI Areo cloner was a total fail!:( As usual..simple is better..LOL) (it was always CLEAN too)
1-4-18 Crackleberry rooting clones.JPG
Beautiful plants..great color, for me usually by day 14 my males are already showing signs.. females for me always take longer..good luck and great job . 20 tops on one plants a good hit!
Namaste fam