Mama made a request

Alright, I'm not one to frequent this section of the forum as I'm not big on looking at other peoples pieces, but I come here now to request some input!

My ol lady and mother of my child has requested this:

"I want a fairy or squirrel bong or just a cute mama bong"

Being the male I am, coupled with being a bit of a glass snob, the first two are almost guaranteed ruled out. I despise soft glass and prefer elegance and functionality (glass-on-glass connections, smooth, consistent hits, no sticking pieces or "artistic" curves), I have absolutely no idea what to pursue.

If there are any ladies present, please advise! I'm notorious for misinterpreting requests, and this one has me stumped as I could easily spend $200 on a piece that only I'll end up using, and I'm trying to give mama something special for Mother's day. What y'all think?