Mars hydro lights catch fire!

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Thank you Brother, for the like.

Yea, it really hurt to see how the safety of the community was less important than the MH sponsorship.

I mean really.

After I was slapped by the moderator I immediately changed my attitude and started posting positive feedback and actually helping members with technical information and methodologies for safer operations. I apologized countless times to everyone. But a few of the members just went caustic on me. One if which was the moderator. Even after we had private conversations were I was led to believe all was good. Then out if nowhere he attacks again. I still maintained a positive attitude and continued to be a good contributor, but to no avail. Incidentally, my rant was not BAD, just solid info and warnings.

I seriously was astounded.

Then the moderator posts another attack today, where I responded with my feelings on how I was treated. I called him out regarding our private messages and informed him I requested to be voluntarily removed from the toxic site. He then responded with a half ass explanation for their behavior and asks me to stay. As I was replying, all of my footprint disappeared.

Thank God the toxicity is behind me.

I will be happy to stay here with this amazing community.
You are welcome


Okay, so I have an update regarding my MH TS3000. I will copy my post from another thread. This was in response to an OP and his new setup. The OP wanted suggestions for a new lamp. He decided on the MH TS1000, if I recall. Below is the response and my observations.

This is a copy of my you can see, I mention that I had just posted this response minutes earlier on another thread, which is why it starts with the announcement of said "post copied from another thread"...

Here is my post from another thread, only minutes ago...


Okay, my apologies for being late to the party. I post this without malice. Seriously, no hatred here, just safety for all.

Regarding the MH Lamp, I suggest the OP de-energize the fixture and inspect all connectors for faulty wiring practices. If applicable, simply disassemble each connector to inspect wires for proper mechanical connection that is secure and safe. Google assembly standards for wire connections, with regard to wire strip length, torque requirements etc. I don't expect anyone to have a torque meter, but the idea is to better understand what is acceptable.

After spending some time researching MH, I cannot say with confidence that the connectors used on your new lamp are the same as the connectors used on my TS3000, from 2021. So...this may all be a moot point.

I know MH made some changes to their lineup, and unfortunately image's of the cabling and connectors are not available. So I am unable to comment on your connectors.

In short, the hardware itself is not faulty. The QA/QC, Manufacturing Practices, and Test Protocols are at fault.

Every single, and I mean "specifically" every single mechanical connection inside each connector, on my MH TS3000 were LOOSE.

Apparently, they do not require a torque specification for a mechanical connection that experiences temperature changes on a daily basis over its lifecycle, while the intended usage requires height changes over a grow cycle, meaning...the cables will be moving over time as you adjust the height of the lamp to accommodate your grow. Safely securing the cables and keeping them clear of the drivers and chassis are safe practices otherwise know as cable management.

If my explanation requires more information then suffice to say, ignore my observations.

Having said my personal experience MH would not have been my recommendation to you Sir.

My apologies if I have in any way offended anyone, as this was not my intention.

I still use my MH TS3000, as I was lucky to catch the problem before it started a fire. I have enough confidence in my ability to address the issues and am in the process of replacing it now.

Additionally, MH customer service was as faulty as the lamp.

I sent a video and pictures of my findings, including the observation that all connections were loose. They responded with this..."Our engineers have concluded you have a faulty"T" connector."

The connector they sent is sitting on my shelf. I already addressed the problem myself.

Jeez, I hope I don't get my ass handed to me for sharing this...hey, just Google, "Mars Hydro and cable fires etc.

Best to you.



Everyone using mars hydro, check your shit. This is the second light thats done this from MH. They also dont stand behind their product as this light is only 3 weeks old and they want me to pay shipping both ways and for the parts to fix it. Damn near caught my house on fire, TWICE now. 

And the TS series only comes with a "one year" warranty. Not 5 like the fc series.


They might warranty their new bar lights but they sure dont warranty the ts series like they say they do.

Many other threads on here with similar experiences with mars.

MH was such a poor company they were removed from the farm as a sponsor. That tell ya anything? Their garbage light couldve caught my house on fire. You might stand behind their stuff and i dont have a problem with that at all. But i dont stand behind them anymore.

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