Massive slime after Hydroguard/Orca/Southern AG

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Should I be giving a maintenance dose of S. AG per week? I've got a S AG Orca, TPS Billions tea brewing in the dark. I don't want to over do it again. I know the good bacteria has 3-4 days of viability but, I'm unsure if a small colony will persist after the initial bloom.

Also, got Hygrozyme but, I don't want to use it and give bad bacteria food from old roots.

Thoughts? I soaked in distilled water and Hygrozyme for 6 hours and it cleaned em up quite well.

Should I add it to the resevoirs? Or just stop fucking with it?
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

Yeah it was probably out of date… they are famous for that.

The bacteria will last a long time… you only need to add at res change. Then you can just top feed from the res to keep the clay pebbles from salt build up and inoculated

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