Maxsisun pb1500 vs mars hydro ts1000

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I'm having trouble deciding which light to lean towards. I am Curious if anyone has grown with the maxsisun pb1500 before, I've read about the ts1000, but for the maxsisun not much reading other than the reviews on amazon.
The Mars has a better ppfd than the maxsisun. What are some other comparison factors I need to look at that will benefit my grow and yield?


I like this website for comparing lights but they don't have preloaded data for the maxsisun light. You can imput the data from maxsisun's tests but companies often lie about them. Most of the preloaded data on the website is from tests that the website makers did that you can see on their youtube channel so I trust it. They say that the Viparspectras are better than the sf1000 and the ts1000 and they are also cheaper if you order from the website and you live in the us but if you don't then you have to order from amazon and it's more expensive on amazon.

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