Meanwell XLG driver help request

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Hoping someone can help an old HPS troglodyte with driver setup/dimming.
Picked up an HLG 260 from last summer and quite happy with it, easy assembly and straight forward dimming via internal IO POT.
Decided I woud grab a couple of single board units for small veg tent and a pollen tent.
Couldnt pass up Alibaba deal, QB 288 with heatsink, and driver, 2 units to my door for less than a single unit through HLG.
The Meanwell driver is an XLG-150-H-AB as opposed to the HLG driver ... likely part of the cost savings.
The XLG has an IO POT on the back of the driver, as well as dimmer leads.
Am I correct in thinking I can simply plug it into a killowatt and use the IO to dim to desired wattage and isolate and cap the dimmer leads or is more complicated than that?
I currently have one set up and used the killowat to turn down to 100 watts and SEEMS fine, but lack digital/electronics savvy coming from an analog world.

XLG-150-H-AB Datasheet:

Thanks for any help, or direction to a more suitable subforum.


You are right, to dim your lights you can use the built in potentiometer instead the 3 in 1 dimming function.
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