Medical marijuana tax accounting tricks and gimmicks???

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Just wanted to get some feedback on a peculiar accounting practice. On my States medical marijuana taxes. Or better yet its math program. If it has one. I get up this morning, as routine,
Pow hot cup of java. Whoop whoop. So what's the next step of the morning. You know it!!!!
This is wear it interesting. So understand, my state has a monopoly these lovely ladies. Meaning not recreational or personal growing. But, something for some very odd reason. Just hit me like,"I'm a dumbass, but today I'm going to prove myself wrong". So the first thing I see after my java and joint was this
Just for reference I get side tracked on details sometimes. I'm not very smart, so I broke out Mr. Math
Medical marijuana tax accounting tricks and gimmicks 5
A fifty year old mans personal mathematician. So everything starts coming together.
Medical marijuana tax accounting tricks and gimmicks 4
This is some tax and mathematical manipulated output. The Medical Marijuana dispensary. The receipt shows 3 items I purchased. I guess these items were considered on sale. So they also list the original price and showed what you supposed to save. And walla your taxed at the full amount. Even though your purchase was only approximately 50% of original price. Am I wrong or does that not double my taxes from 13.5% to 27%. I know I can ramble on. So Bear with me. This part really messed me up.
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How did I lose 0.3 of a gram in a 12 gram purchase. All answers are good awnsers. Time to roll another one. Am I on to something?


They're taxing you on $57.27, which is the subtotal minus the total discount.

But I think the dispensary "taxed" you 0.3 grams of your allotment.

Now which state is this that says you have an "allotment"?


Brother this is Arkansas. But their taxing full amount 132.15. then, when they discount 74 and change. (Don't have my glasses on). Total becomes 65 dollars. My thought is, I'm spending 65. Getting taxed at 132.15. I'm just saying I maybe I'm not very smart. But, does that not seem like, being over taxed. On what was actually spent. I may very well be wrong. Not trying to be argumentive. Trying to understand. Peace, and thank you for your insight. With the weight issue. I will never understand. One love

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