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Not familiar with it but like any prefertilized soil you don't need to feed until the nutrients are starting to become depleted.
happy frog does have a few light nutes in it,best soil for seedlings and such,lot of folk cut the ocean forest with the frog for a medium soil,im itching to try salamander myself or coco loco,taking some cut tonight and one or other might be on the list,want to get one more run in before it gets hot here and coco just might fix that problem hahahah,no cash for the hydro gig right now,my operation was 1 thousand dollars short of a half million,so ya after insurance i got to come up with 1k for 4 brand new values swole up tits and chest split in half,bright side all that they used a saw so bones have nice clean cut hahahah,see bro always a bright side dig what im saying hahahah
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