@merakilabs First Public Grow! Please Provide Feedback! Using Gbs 315w Agro.

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Hi everyone! First off thank you to Timmur and Ez Rider for their continued research. This is priceless!

Allow me to introduce myself as @MerakiLabs. I am a grower based in CA. My research and planning far exceeds my large scale cultivation experience. I have become passionate with cultivation and its many methods. I look forward to learning much through these forums and sharing my personal experiences.

My long-term goal is to have 8 near-identical flowering rooms with a canopy of 8'x8' each to harvest new data at a rate of near once per week. I am thinking 4 different physical locations with each of the four locations having a separate vegetative room/tent and drying room/tent.

I would like start by finalizing the plans for a single flowering room (about 10'x10'). I will start by describing some details of what I have planned (much of it based off of these forums) and finish with some immediate questions I have. Thanks ahead for taking the time.

So I am currently pretty sold on running 12 GBs with the appropriate 315 agro bulbs. For the ease of feeding, I am probably going to run two separate 4'x8' flood and drain trays on rollers with Orca wrapped around or Lumacept UVC-Max on the walls. I would like to keep each physical location under 99 plants as much as possible, but see myself running 18 plants per tray (36 per room) in 10 gallon fabric pots with a coco mix. I am hoping to get a hang of mainlining in veg while having them in something like the 8" Gro Pro Root Master Pot to allow air pruning before transplanting into the room/pots and allowing them to veg for another week or so before flipping. A sealed room with CO2 enrichment via a generator and an 18,000-24,000btu mini-split AC. I do not have anywhere near an unlimited budget, but while being cost-effective my drive and is to grow the cleanest cannabis for yield and potency, while constantly exploring methods of reducing my carbon footprint.

Would you recommend something different other then ebb&flow (flood/drain) for the administration of nutes to the grow medium?

What would be the best way to go about hanging the 12 GB's according to the Cycloptics recommendation? Can I use the light rack on a tray stand so it rolls with the tray?

Is one week of veg in the flowering room under 12 315w agro bulb (3100k) after being transplanted from the 8 inch air pot to 10 gallon fabric pots ideal? I would like to have a minimal footprint of a veg room or tent with enough space to propagate and veg enough clones for 1 flowering room every four weeks and maintain a mother. The veg room will be a combination of GBs and T5s for the babies.

Lastly, but most importantly I need to estimate yield. Confident that I will not be making any detrimental mistakes, but understanding that thing will always need to be dialed in; What is a safe estimate of what I can and should be yielding per harvest of the 64sq ft canopy size?

I am new to forum etiquette and will be posting this a few different places. Please let me know if this is an issue and I will address it immediately. Thank you!


I would recommend organic soil if you don't have any place to dump the waste water. If you are dumping it down the drain or onto the ground you are toast if they do a compliance check. After years of growing I am settling on organic soil water only growing.

Hanging Lights:
Use the smallest listed foot print. Find the studs in the ceiling and install 2x4 at the listed width length so that you can put your light mover exactly where you need it. Eject light hood heat outside somehow so it isn't noisy. (Sorry don't know your precise equipment)

1 week veg in flower:
I don't veg them for a week in flower after transplant. If I need to go to very large planters that won't fit back into my veg room then I just set them in the flower room at whatever time it happens to happen. If the transplant goes poorly I sit the plant in the corner of the flower room until she reach for the light. For best results note which side of the plant is facing north and after transplanting place the plant facing the same direction it was originally and also with the light in the same position.

You need to learn so I wouldn't enter this expecting a yield. If you have read a book or two and you have spent weeks/months on the forums where in fact you can answer most questions in the plant infirmary yourself then you will exceed 1 gpw even on the hard to grow strains. What strain did you choose?


You won't need 10 gallon pots for coco. You would be better off with 3 or 5 gallon smart pots or airpots 15 to 18 per 4 x 8. 50/50 coco/perlite or 75/25 coco perlite. Drain to waste multiple waterings per day as needed. 3 rows of 4 GB's each. Depending on the strain you may need to trellis for yield. Goal should be quality over quantity at first. Quantity will come as you get to know your strain(S). If you get 2 oz per square foot your looking at 128 zips per 3780 watts. Very solid
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Oh yeah forget about the light rails GB's are set and forget. 4 over each table with 4 straight down the middle. Utilize the crossover lighting of the GB's. Keep tables on wheels so you can move them to get at edges unless you have really long arms.
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