MG’s Genetics Bakery pt. 2

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What up farm? After taking a hiatus from the negativity of years past, I’m back because of friends, and will be sharing new breeding projects. After leaving the Farm, I continued to select and work both old and new lines. It’s been 7 years and many seeds made. I’ll start with my current grow. A mix of flavors.

Haedbanger Haze (Amesiia Haze x Headbanger) MG Canna

Ghost Train Haze #1 (Ghost OG x Nevil’s Wreck) Rare Dankness

NL/Afghan, MG’s keeper cut and a version 2 breeding cut.

2 very different GTH phenotypes have be crossed to a male Headbanger Haze which also hit female HBH and NL/Afghan
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Shit’s been blowing up the last week. 3 of 4 GTH#1 are stretch plants, the recessive pheno showing shorter stature and a more hazy, spicy nose with no sweetness. Both plants were bred with a Headbanger/Amnesia Haze I made two years ago. Also made were F2’s with my only female HAZ. This was more of a necessity, as there were only 8 original HAZ seeds. The nose is old school sweet haze, around week 5. She’s perfect height, not anywhere near as stretchy as the Amnesia Haze or Headbanger male. Doesnt look like a big yielder, but neither did the Amnesia Haze, which had a nice yield in the end. Obviously it’s only 1 plant and means very little, but worth doing a hunt.

Amnesia Haze
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Garden shot
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Recessive short GTH#1 pheno
071FCC86 2CB7 44B6 8C7C FE80E8F33B57

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