Millions and millions of Thrips in Winter!!!

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I am new here.
I was outside earlier today and noticed a huge amount of black looking soot possibly. Upon closer inspection, they were moving and jumping. Got even closer and could not believe my eyes!
Millions of black thrips on the snow!! I was concerned and inspected around my property and they are everywhere. For kicks and giggles walked up the street a bit and they are everywhere.
Has anyone ever seen millions, possibly billions of thrips in winter on the snow? We had some warmer weather and rain but then snowed last night. Now I see these things everywhere.

Makes me think about growing outdoors here this season. : )

If anyone can chime in or has seen this before as I have never seen anything like it.


They won't do damage to your plants. Google snow fleas. Seen them before but not that heavy. Are you in colorado? Heard lots of people say they get a lot there. Probably everywhere though
Mr. Molecule

Mr. Molecule

Weird. Are they acclimated to freezing-cold temps? Normally temps like that will kill insects, no?
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