Mini Reptile Tank Grow Box

Hey guys, thought id post about a little project ive had going on for the last couple months! Its a 12x12x18 reptile tank lined with windsheild reflector, 4 23watt (100 watt replacment) cfl bulbs in a home made fixture, two under cabnet light bars and a 6$ walmart fan! Grown im fox farms soils with fox farms nute line. 1 gallon pot. Slight LST. First grow!
That's a cool little setup! Loving the security guard :D you have nute burn, those plants don't look far off from finishing, start flushing immediately and be ready for a long dry and cure! Only way to get rid of the chem taste...
So cute!:)I love really small plants! Isn't it dry in there?Nice little tent you got!:)There is space for many plants like that one behind:)I was growing similar one bud plants in 1lt bottles of beer,it was funny:)If i find the pics here i will show you:)
Humidity is at 47 right now sonce i have a mini autoflower finishing up in there! Ill post some update pictures later! And he protects my plants from anything that might harm them!!! Happy growing
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