Mkp 0-52-34 vs PeKacid 0-60-20


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That is roughly what i feed from day 1 to flush strait + K from agsil + P from PH Down. Roughly the same with a little lower P then what u are shooting for and lower K. No MKP in flower tho. I can see what you were getting at with the PeKacid addition for a P boost in the first 2 weeks and also help combat the high PH from Si. If not using Si my guess is gonna have to use a shit ton of up cause prob gonna put your solution in the 4's or lower with PeKacid.


PeKacid @.5g a gal:


Why I don't like using premixes in my bases (even tho I do in a small amount since i have 30+ lbs left) since the K usually goes off the charts. I would rather use Pot Nitrate (for K also) + Cal Nitrate for N03 and Mono Ammonium Phosphate for NH4 and all of my P. Better control for me vs MKP in flower without having to go individual nutes (already @7) even more then I am unless you are using small amounts of MKP. Already in the 850ish ppm range and thats about the ceiling for East Coast and Polecat.
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Does anyone have a similar app for android?

I need that app but no computer with windows
Try using that link i put in the post above. Website so should work on android. If you want something more complete I think I still have a link to a google spreadsheet that does pretty much the same thing see If I can find it.


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I use a program called hydrobuddy it take the source and will calculate concentrates and direct addition amounts by weight, volume and ppm etc. It takes into account the availability of the source used. You can also just out it the ppm for any and all nutrients and then hit calculate and it will use the nutrients you have in whatever form and give you how much of each to out in by weight or volume. It will also calculate how to make a+b concentrates and which sources go in which. You need to go into substance selection to add or remove which sources you have available.

Here is a thread with some good info. But the nutrient calculator hydrobuddy makes it all easy.

Nice man been lookin for something like this.!!! thanks for sharin
Thx for the links... gonna help me fine tune this recipe...

So far calculating this recipe infusing the following:

160g of 14-5-38
80g of 0-52-34
Per 50 gallon reservoir


EC comes out to 1.4

So I must say I really like how the ec for this come out lower than other formulas and my npk is relatively complete just find it has a bit too much K.
Also missing a more complete micro nutrient profile ... but notice that since these first have no calcium or magnesium my plants are looking better... and I'm thinking they may have been reacting to the lime I mix in the soil and giving too much calcium periodically locking out magnesium and potassium...
But this time I didnt mix any compost just straight soiless with thinking this recipe is better suited for soil vs soiless


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Peter's STEM is good for an all in 1 micro but is high in Fe so cant go too crazy with it. Those look good.

If you ran the following you could get 90-141-260 to get the K lower

Base @ 1.7g a gal
Potassium Nitrate @ 0.2 a gal
PeKacid @ 0.25 a gal
MKP @ 0.1 a gal (this is where the jump from P comes from can adjust that to play around with)

Again not sure if that's more in line for what you are looking for but this is also now running more things and takes the simplicity out of it. Just something I came up with throwing numbers around. Just throwing ideas out there for you and also me. Also remember PH down is 10-40 ppm of P (prob not needed with PeKacid) and if using Si add another 20-40ppm of K.


Potassium Nitrate


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You could also ditch the PeKacid and just adjust with MKP accordingly. Potassium Nitrate and Potassium Phosphate is where all of the K in that formula is coming from. Potassium Sulfate isnt a good choice as it will up the S too much and I usually use epsom for controlling Mg and that already comes with a ton of S since Magnesium Nitrate will usually add too much N. Ramble off.