More Autoflowering Strains loaded with seed.

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All trimmed up and drying, cola's are loaded with seeds, some more than others but looks like thousands more seed stock.

These are all autoflowers, I imported some strains from Europe and crossed them with some of my strains of auto-flowers I've been breeding here. An OG/Afghani Kush dominate autoflower. So the results should be interesting to say the least. The reason why I selected these cultivars is because of their general size, the "haze" type heritage and the sativa genetics in general. Also, Dutch Passion, the breeder behind these strains originally developed the strain using a Mazar Afgaini autoflower, similar to my Frankenstein heritage, so they should blend well, I think. The Frankenstein is very potent, and these appear to have more overall bulk, and flavor.

The new cutivar's are as follows:

Early Miss Auto x Frankenstein Auto
White Widow Auto x Frankenstein Auto
Purple Haze Auto x Frankenstein Auto
Gorilla Glue Auto x Frankenstein Auto

I also got a few start's going, since I waste no time trying to get that next gen stability, as these are all f1's in their current state. The tiny one's below are the next gen, as I think I'm going to flower some of these out without seed to evaluate what I actually have, some of the flower from this will give me an idea, but with seeds, it's never the same, only a taste of the true potential.


Sounds really good... and fun 😎
Once I get a few grows under my belt I'll make a plan and spend a couple of years making something personalised but that's the future.
Is it legal to ask if you have any OG/Afghani Kush seeds you want to part with for the Afghan Collection I want to build up?
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