Mr. Brazil’s First Grow. 15th day in the Triassic like climate. Mesozoic level growth using CO2?

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Greetings and Salutations my dearly beloved human peers! I am Mr. Brazil and I concluded the following: the likelihood of me living in a simulation (not all of us, mind you; just me…) is incredibly high.
Regardless of the ramifications and consequences from the possibility, even if remote, of that being true…

“My son humming while gardening with me. “

I have basically engineered an atmospheric Time Machine. I turned back the very hands of time; roughly 200 million years, into the distant Mesozoic era. When dinosaurs lived and breathed the average Triassic’s 1500 to 2000 ppm of CO2 atmospheric levels. That is the same as the average levels in my grow tent. This is a bit more than 3 times today’s levels. That is just science, if you believe in this sort of stuff…


“This girl was almost taken out of the grow space. I’m glad I gave her a chance.”

Unfortunately, there weren’t any intelligent creatures to eat, smoke or electrically vaporize Cannabis 200 million years ago... because there was no Cannabis 200 million years ago.


“Another one I had nearly given up on!”

If there was a 15 day old Cannabis seedlings back in the good old days, when there were no borders (because earth was one supergiant continent), they might have looked a little bit like this, perhaps?

Even if the Sleestak, the lizard people from Land of the Lost, were real AND the original Rastafari people, it would have taken about 30 million years after the last of their T-Rex cousins died of instant-roast-chicken-death-from-asteroid-impact for the first Cannabis plant polen to show up in the fossil record (roughly 20 million years go, but if I had to pull a number completely out of my ass as to when Cannabis “arrived”, I’d say probably 37 748 384 years, 3 months, 17 days and… let me check the ships log… 6 hours, 37 minutes, 12 seconds… I can go down to the Planck time register but I digress…).
My long winded, convoluted and mildly manic point being (if you have the kind of brain that can follow a logical sequence of humorous, allegorical and metaphorical references…) Cannabis was never, in their evolutionary history as a separate species, exposed to this… perversity of nature, when it comes to atmospheric CO2 levels.

(On another allegorical tangent) Maybe, if we keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at the rate we are doing now, we will make planet Earth great again for plants! I think my girls love CO2 this high! I’m Mr. Brazil and English is not my first language.


We would all slowly suffocate due ro CO2 poisoning and hallucinate wildly while getting brain damage, but the plants… they’d love it.


Should or can I even start LST on this specimen at this stage? Should I add some red/far red for a bit taller growth? They are incredibly dense as it is. This has to be the results I was expecting from all this hard work, but I am such a newb, I don’t even know if this is a good or bad thing.. Pictures don’t make them justice. There is something really powerfully beautiful about watching a life form develop right in front of your eyes. I notice a slight difference every time I look at them, after a few hours.

Thank you for your help and patience. I’m a character, I just hope I’m a good one. For me and those around me. And I respect you all, admire what you are doing here. It is taking a lot for me to post this stuff, but the goal is to change my life. That means doing things differently. And taking things seriously is what I do for my other job…

“This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people and events that occurred 37 million years ago is probably a coincidence…”
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