My Buds Are Going Into Veg State, Why ?

Hi Folks,

As the title says..... My buds are regressing into Veg mode or at least they are growing groth leafs..... My light Cycle is 12/12, I have set a time lapse video to see if my lights were acting up on me with turning on without me knowing, and no... They are 100% respecting the 12/12 hr cycle.... Why are they going back to Veg?? What other factors can be happening?
I definitely need to check on light leaks, because I turn all my lights off almost exactly at the same time and it coincides mostly with outside darkness.


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Put the lights on a timer. In a controlled environment you're better off putting them on a set schedule. You don't mimic hurricanes (typhoons) or droughts in there too do you?
Here is a timelapse video, I left the clock on purpose just to watch the time lapse, This is normally hidden with duct tape..... I cant see light leaks other than the clock....

Can there be another cause of this?
you defitnely have a light leak,just saying ,when lights go off sit in the room for about 20 min,i bet you will find the light coming from under the door,i nailed a sleeping bag around the inside trim of my closet grow and fixed all but the timer light leaks,cover those red lights with electrical tape,and if your running a window shaker the light comes in there also