My cannabis nutrient feeding routine

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My cannabis nutrient feeding routine 3

This is the nutrients and schedule I use growing cannabis in cheap generic potting soil.

Every plant is different, and some need more, some need less. I also learn as I grow and change it up as I do. I'll post updates as I do.

Water only.

Once 2nd or 3rd node grows, I switch to 10% fish water, 90% filtered water.

My cannabis nutrient feeding routine

After topping, and the branches form nice robust looking growths, I switch to about 25% fish water, 75% filtered water.

At preflower I ramp up closer to 33% fish water, and end of stretch gets a single 50% fish water, then I ramp it back down to 0 by end of week 6 flower.

I boil 2 banana peels in a half gallon of water. Remove peels and cool off, then mix with a half gallon of filtered water, and add a tablespoon of molasses or honey.

I start feeding them this when I see flowers everywhere, and stop at week 6.

I'm trying something new and top dressing 1 tablespoon of bone meal with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt, once cotyledons turn yellow. I'll add a second tablespoon of just bone meal at flower switch.

I used to mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in its own gallon, using it as foliar spray, and pouring a healthy dose in my nitro gallon, but I think top dressing will be less work.

They get about a cup of appropriate nutrient water every day, or every other day. It's largely dictated by the soil of the plant. I don't feed to run off often because I don't like cleaning my drip pans that much; however, I do feed to run off at least once in veg and once in flower to make sure nutrients are reaching all nooks and crannies in the pot.

Anytime I feed to run off, or flush, it gets a day or 2 with no water or feed to dry out.

I check the soils in the morning, while I wake n bake. If they are dry, they get fed, if moist, not getting fed until next morning.

Once a week they get a regular water. At switch I water to run off. At week 4 I water to run off.

I'm not trying to remove nutrients. I'm trying to push them down and around. To disturb idle nutrients and positioning them anywhere in pot besides where they are at.

My cannabis nutrient feeding routine 2
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This stuff is essential too. Its not a nutrient, but in same group of things.

Ever see those nasty little fruit fly looking things that get impossibly stuck on those gorgeous sticky flowers? Fungus gnats. Fungus is everywhere, even inside your plants. This kills the gnats before they get their wings. It slices them to death and does not hurt plant.

20231119 100757

I drizzle a little over the soil one time, earlier in veg, and don't have to worry about it again.

20231119 100819



What do plants derive from banana peels and molasses?

Banana peels contain primarily potassium, with small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.

Keeping it simple, plants need NPK. Banana peels are my K.

They also make excellent compost soil. By boiling it, I'm speeding up the process of breaking down the peel to raw material. Being organic, it's already in a form the plants can convert. It smells really good, works good, is basically free, and no chemical worries. My kids could literally drink it and it be healthy for them too.

The molasses/honey tablespoon is to add many micronutrients, readily available carbs, and to feed microbes

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If banana peels are your only source of K your plants are deficient in K. Banana peels are ~90% water. Therefore all else, minerals etc. are in very low concentrations. A plant can have as much as 100x K concentration as the soil. In order to absorb against a concentration gradient the plant spends energy to transport. It doesn’t give rats patootey whether or not it’s “organic”. It absorbs K+ not carbon bound K.

Molasses - below is a list and the concentration of minerals in 100 gm of molasses - not much bang for the buck. I see many mentions of using molasses to kick start the soil microbes. Sure it will. I’m feeding the microbes high octane free fuel. They devour the stuff and the population explodes. But the downside is this - after they consume the molasses 99% of that population will die out. They are predisposed to eating high octane fuel when that is gone most of the bugs are as well. Yes, of course not all die. The survivors will induct enzymes and go back to eating stuff in the soil. It’s tough out there.

But wait, if you’ve got a proven way to grow plants and you’re pleased with results. Don’t change a thing. Just saying.

205 mg
4.72 mg
242 mg
1.53 mg
31 mg
1464 mg
37 mg
0.29 mg


They are doing good, I'm super happy with them. I don't think they are deficient in K though. I can burn them with banana peels if I don't water it down, or feed too much.

In fact I typically push them just to the point of a slight yellow tip before burn, then give water for a few cycles.


Banana Bloom Booster

20 minute boil:
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20231125 082159

Mostly Potassium:
20231125 082353

Add about a tablespoon pour of molasses after it cools:
20231125 091113

Funneled into a gallon jug. Was about 1/3 full. Filled the rest with filtered water.
20231125 090800

Or so the legend goes..
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Make banana fpj. I think it works fantastic. Also aloe Vera fpj is a great one.
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