My Cataloguing System by DJ Short - 2004

This post most influenced my short (<2 years) little basement garden.
My favorite plant is Grapefruit/Blueberry. Just seems to be the one I always want to smoke.
My most intriguing and tempting and frustrating plant is F13. Can't seem to get it smoothly through flower. Now all of its clones seem to be stuck in a re-veg condition.
I may need to buy new seeds and get a fresh start. (because it still yields great and is great smoke)

Reading this text/history of the evolution of the seed industry has given me a great appreciation for all the effort that so many have put into making seeds available to farmers like me.
I agree Dj Short anything is dank and theres just a special connection between the nose and bud that Dj hit right on the button with his genes.
i have more respect for the breeders out there im far too stupid to grasp all the shit going on with making all these crosses
First and foremost god and his design gets most the credit then a lil for the breeders for recognizing certain traits and selecting compatible plants . With that being said I do believe there are an elite group of mad scientist that go above and beyond to accentuate the plants natural abilities!
from 2008 Dj said:
"Stay tuned for future re-releases of Velvet Luna (formerly Blue Satellite and Blueberry Sativa), Moonshine Rocket Fuel and Rosebud in the not-too-distant future. Have fun and best regards toward your horticultural ventures. Enjoy!"

I think his mention of Velvet Luna has become Vanilluna aka Vanilla Moon which is his Blue satellite x BB sativa.


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Most excellent thread!!!. Thank you @ Texas Kid for the post.

There is an enormous amount of time and effort that goes into a successful breeding program as evidenced. Much love and respect to the men and women that have the grey matter and commitment to do the work they do.

It sure separates the true breeders from the everyday average pollen chuckers.
We've been using DJ Shorts beans since the early, early 90's in our breeding programs here in Canada. We recognized his brilliance in the breeding world many years ago and a lot of our strains and crosses of today contain his genetics and we have used, and still use his breeding philosophy religiously today! Oh Where, Oh Where is he today.

Our humblest applause and Gratitude to DJ Short!