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What up peeps?! Just doing my second dwc grow, my first was last year I grew og kush. Now I’m growing wedding cake and it is much different! The lush grew like a weed lol the wedding cake is much smaller plant. Yesterday started week 3 flower for dwc and pistils are just now starting to grow. I have one in fox farm ocean, it started showing pistils real early so I flipped to 12/12 and man is it beautiful and stinky!! Just no size to the plant. I used advanced nutrients last year, this time I’m trying the gh 3 part series with Cali magic and Kool bloom. I mean the stalks are beastly on these plants but no heights. Everything is going well though I’m having no issues whatsoever this grow is nothing compared to my first I spent hours and hours a day now I check ph, Rez changes weekly and lst and some defoliating and that’s it! I moved from a 4x4 tent with a 300(240) watt light to a big 96x80x48 and I got a new 6in ac infinity fan and two Mars hydro t3000’s. I put my flowering soil plant with the 300 watt in with the dwc plants when I flipped to 12/12 and will put it back in veg tent in about two weeks when I harvest soil plant. This strain says to keep it around 70° at all times with just a little bit of humidity which is what I’ve been doing although I did not realize until too late that wedding cake is the best grown in the soil? Oh well, I’m gonna do my best lol



Looks good. Watch those driver plugs on the Mars Hydro. The female plug has no structure holding it to the boardbut ther solder joints. Notorious for failure in the middle of a grow when the solder joints break loose.
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