My first crack at indoor grow, any advice to maximise yield would be great

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Vegetation stage went really well, did quite a bit of training to get her to spread right across my 800x800x2000 tent. Flipped to 12/12 last night hoping for some good results. Know pretty much nothing about how I should feed her, up till now just been using seaweed fish once a week. Soil grow I made up, potting mix and compost.
Haven’t tampered with any of the water she’s been getting, seems to come out of the tap around 6.8 ph. No problems so far.

Lemon Shining strain 8-9 weeks to go.


Keep tucking under the scrog net through the stretch period which will begin now. She will spread out more and her side branching will grow straight up creating new tops along each branch. The trick is to keep them as wide and flat on top as possible. 👍
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