My First Grow - The End Is Near

Hi guys! Counting down the days until my (first ever) harvest and wanted to share my grow experience with you all. I’ve learned a ton here reading about other peoples mess ups and mishaps, and the conversations that follow so I wanted to contribute to the content in hopes of helping some other green growers such as myself :)

Tent: 4x4x7
Light: LED 600w (two)
Medium: Promix , 3g pots

GERM: Feb 4/2019
Two Great White Shark auto
Two Girl Scout Cookies

Germinated 4 feminized seeds - soaked in water (12hrs) then transferred to a wet paper towel. At this point I was to concerned about the seeds being in a completely dark place and not concerned about the temperate enough. When I checked them the next day they were pretty cold to the touch and probably sitting in too much water. I drained the excess water and moved them onto a heating pad where they remained overnight but unfortunately I had to leave town unexpectedly the next day so the girls had to hit the dirt early.

(Feb 7) 3 outta 4 seeds had sprouted at this point and after the gong show of a start they had I was honestly surprised and pretty happy to be placing them into jiffy pellets with taproots. From everything I had read I knew they were resilient little buggers - and a weed after all - I just didn’t realize how resilient they truly were...

SEEDLING: (Feb/12)

Only 3 out of 4 ended up successfully germinating. One sprouted with the seed casing attached and wouldn’t shed it so after 5 days I decided to gently remove it. So they have what?? My thoughts exactly! Panic set in and I realized just how little of the exact timeline I really knew. Should I expose them to the 18/6 light cycle immediately or would that burn them, did they need to be covered still or were they ready for some exposure. After never really making a decision one way or the other and dickering with the lights on and off for 2 days we noticed they really liked the lights on (go figure) so we started them on the 18/6 light cycle.

Feb 15 I noticed some roots poking out of the jiffy pellets so we transplanted them into the 3 gallon pots (promix) which will be their forever homes. The pots should’ve been filled more with soil and we didn’t think about rolling down the bags until 3/4 of the way through the process. Ah well, lessons for next time. After transplant we gave 2 Cups of water to them. Still learning how to gauge the temperature and humidity levels in the tent, at this point we’re sitting at 28-30 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity. I moved my citrus tree in there in hopes of increasing the humidity level.
Feb 27 The plants are looking GREAT and have several leaves and ‘nodes’. Although I had no idea that’s what they were called or really what-was-what as far as plant anatomy went. Topping and SCROG ....all way above my pay grade at this point. This was day 24 from seed and VEG day 13 and since things were rolling along nicely it was time to introduce some nutrients; a three part system from General Hydroponics. Each plant got a half strength dosage of what the seedling stage called for - around 350ml each. I also used some CalMag approx 1ml

Temps 24 / Humidity 57 %

March 7 - The plants seemed to take well to the nutrients. They received more today at an increased strength. We wanted to make sure they dried out completely before giving them more water but they were probably due for some yesterday or the day before.
March 16 - Wellllllll.... found out today that I ordered auto flower seeds LOL. After several days of starring at the one plant wondering, “What are those little hair clusters”. “Those can’t be bud formations” “They were indeed.. bud formations”. Probably the biggest whoopsie of this entire ordeal but in the end I can be glad it was a shortened life cycle so I could get this first grow under my belt. Additionally, finding out about the quicker yield time was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, this meant that my Girl Scout cookie would have to be flipped over even though it was nowhere near ready but we do not have another grow tent or light for it :( So we switched to the bloom nutrients and a 12-12 light cycle.

I did some defoliation because things were rather bushy and I wanted good air flow and light reaching most of the bud sites. One or two branches may have fallen victim to my newly acquired skill. I’m also guilty of a little (too much) pruning to the GWS during veg but looking back it would’ve been during or slightly before the “stretch” phase.

April 2nd was a sunny beautiful day so I brought the two flowering GWS’s out of the tent and upstairs for a few hours of fresh air and natural sunlight.

On April 10th I did a flush because the two GWS are nearing harvest and I was starting to notice what I believe to be some slight nitrogen burn (probably because we gave increased veg nutes during bloom)

Continuing bloom nutrients at full strength for the Girl Scout cookie and I’m leaning towards giving the great white sharks just water until harvest time.

Enjoy the pictures and I’m looking forward to receiving some constructive criticisms and helpful hints as my next 3 beans (GWS) hit the dirt today. Round two baby!!!