we all must start somewhere.. my first gro I used local seed from weed i got.. it was good to see how they gro.. it was shit.... but you should really buy seeds.. skunk #1 is a good one to start with you could hit it with a bus and still get a good result...
go find some coco if you can get it in your gro shop.. other wise make a mix of soil.. 25% perlite 10% worm casting's bat shit and the rest would be compost maybe some clean top soil if the garden center has it
I agree with devilsharvest. Its better to buy seeds or get clones from a buddy. I started with Afghani #1 and as like skunk #1, Burn that fucker and it grows like a weed still. Good luck to you with your first grow. Im not well rounded with soil, mostly hydroponic. But i will try to help you along with your grow to the best of my ability. Pass the blunt, then pass the knowledge. Peace brother.

Yes, this is my first grow and I am having great success with skunk#1. I have planted it in top quality potting on compost, having germinated it in damp tissue followed by small pots of seed compost. the results so far have been impressive. As the plant gets several sets of leaves start to prick out the tips with your finger nails to encourage bushing of the side shoots. Water occasionally, go very sparing on th fertiliser as potting on compost is rich in nutrients. Use perlite for aeration of the soil and cover the surface of the soil with this as well, it reflects precious uv light back on to the plants' leaves. Let nature do the rest.