My first indoor grow! Bruce banner

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Hey so I just started growing indoors and was wondering if anyone would have any pointers or if they would like to see how my girls are making out. I’m new to the cannabis community online but love the input talking to people at local grow shops so figured I would reach out online to anyone interested in talking. I’m currently growing 2, Bruce banner from seed. I’m growing indoor with a 2x2.5 gorilla grow tent with extension kit added on top. Growing with a kind led l300 grow light and have 2 fans moving air around and one small fan at bottom circulating the co2, also have carbon filter scrubbing air. I’m 3 days into flowing and I vegged these girls for 5 weeks before flipping. I LST them until a week before flipping but shwazzleed or lollipoped them a week before flipping them into flower. Feeding them MEDI ONE KIT. They seem to be loving it. Feeding twice water once. Feed is every 3 days. I’ll post some pictures not sure if anyone is even interested in my grow but nothing to lose! Thanks -vince.indicaguy
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