My First Real Issue Need Some Guidance.

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Ruh Roh Shaggy! Six weeks in and here’s my first real issue. Lemoncello Haze and Skunk Kush at 40 days today. Noticed the spots today on some new growth in a couple of plants. I was about to flip the script on all these ladies and start flowering next week. Now I don’t know! Full deets below. 😬

Mars 4x4, TSW2000 @75% and about 26” away. Temps and Rh are fine at 76-80 degrees and 55-65%. The infinity does a good job but I had to order dehumidifier to help out because of the room it’s in. I’m wondering if it may be light burn

FFOF/Perlite 70/30. I added an extra worm casting top layer at around 3 weeks and they loved it. I will probaly do the same in a couple more.

Up-potted all of them to final pots last week. We’re in two gallons. Watering with tap every three days now that they are in five gallons. Just started with the nutes. Been doing the cal/mag for the last four waterings and just a hint of the grow big last couple. Going slowly as they don’t seem to need it and I just added 3 gallons each of fresh FFOF on transplant. Could be my tap is too hard. It’s usually at 200-220 ppm

Hopefully it’s an easy fix. So far seem to be only those two plants. The two on the middle are Bruce Banner and Diesel at 45 days. The two on the right are the runts off the litter... Acapulco Gold and Tangerine Dream at 40 days. Happy growing all! 🌱🤘🏻


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A tad under a 1 ml per gallon. My tap is usually at 205-220 ppm too so maybe that’s part of it.
mmm ya that’s very hard water, probably more than enough calmg in the tap.
i’d say stop using it, as it may cause your plant to have light stress with cal mg toxicity..
i’m not sure about this as overwatering can do the same.
your plants look good though you can see the marks starting and some slight twist and deformed leaf shape also beginning..
better wait for a few replies..
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