My First Recirculating Coco Coir Grow.

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Hey guys,

Recently joined up as I'm going to wet my feet with this grow.
I know from reading quite a few posts not only here but on other boards a lot of people prefer DTW coco over recirculating.
But I thought I will give this a go.
Appreciate any input/feedback and help you guys may be able to provide with my setup.

Only just moved the seedlings from their cups to these 27 litre buckets, ;
Cyco Coco Coir
Fluence Spyder 2i - pulls about 600+w from the wall.
Greenplanet Duel Fuel Nutes 1 & 2 1 ml of each per litre
Greenplanet Calmag 1ml per litre also.
Coco coir was flushed at ph 5.8 before putting into pots.
PH of 6.0 for feeding nutes.

Was advised for the first week after transplanting them to manually water around the outside of the pot to encourage the roots to sniff outwards.
Pumping aircon into the tent to keep the temps down and running a humidifier to keep RH up to about 60-65%
Temps sit around 24 degrees Celcius.

Few questions,
Light height? Too low/High I have it roughly 31 inches from the top of the pots at the moment.
Should i move the exhaust outside the tent and just have the carbon filter to make more height room?




Hello, fellow Kali lover. ^^^ that man knows his stuff, so a lot of us listen to what he tells us to do. Just wanted to drop in, say hi, and check out your setup. Recirculating in coco is a rare thing to see, so looking forward to watching how this progresses!


Plants don't grow into dry media... wet it all down with nutrient solution 200-300ppm ph about 5.6-5.8.

Can use a free lux app to help ballpark the light. 10-15k lux should be plenty at this stage.

Thanks Aqua, was told to do about 250ml just around the outside of the plant to encourage the roots to grow out to the sides? is this misinformation?


Your in good hands, nice "Clean" sterile setup. we are or some of us are a little rough, but we keep it as clean as we can, busy I guess, I'll follow. If our Coco gets even a little dry looking we water, & vacuum. Hand water most of us.
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