My idea. Can i get some help?

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Im starting my first real grow. Its going to be outside sticking to quebec "laws" it will be only four plants. Im looking to grow some indicas which grow fairly quickly.

This fall im prepping the soil by digging down a couple feet in my plot adding compost, 5 yr old chicken shit, 3 yr old cow shit, just general compost, and gardening soil.

My aim is to sprout seeds in march or aplril to have healthy little babys to put in the ground come may long weekend.

Im looking foe tips people have for growing the best smoking outdoor bud. As well as what strains you guys have experience growing in 5a and 5b type plant hardiness zones.


I’m new on here but I’ve been growing for awhile. Outdoor photoperiod plants are a gamble in Canada. I’ve had very little success with them as I live near Edmonton which has a latitude of 56 degrees north I believe. Long story short, if a breeder advertises their plant as finishing at the beginning of October you need to know the latitude it finished at. The rule of thumb I use is whatever latitude they finished at on October 1st, add 3 extra days for every degree north of that latitude. Trust me on this or you will not have buds before the snow flies. Unless you have genetics that are local and proven in your immediate area, stick to autoflowers.
The best autoflowers I’ve ever run outside are all by Dutch Passion seeds and I’ve ran lots. They are very resilient plants that yield well and still get you high. Particularly AutoMazar. Hope this helps.
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