My name is Eskander and I'm NOT an alcoholic

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Alcoholics go to meetings. I'm a drunk alcohol enthusiast! For all the other booze hounds here, let me show you how good a straight pour can be...

Grab some bourbon and dates and toss them in the blender with some pectinase and kieselsol. Blend it well and let it sit for an hour then add some chitosan.

Strain out the chunks and then toss it in the freezer

It will start to flocculate as it cools but give it a day.

Pour it into some centrifuge bottles and smash it down for 2000g while keeping it cold (20min at 2740 rcf and -10C).

It should be obvious if the sediment was compacted.

Pour it off and then add 50% of the recovered volume back in fresh (well... unadulterated anyway) bourbon.

It has all the complexity of bourbon but with the sweetness and flavor of the dates. This makes a great pour on the rocks but its a bit too sweet neat. A dash of bitters rounds it out but isn't required. The technique works well with any dried fruit and liquor. Some fresh fruit combinations work too like high proof rum and ripe bananas but undried fruit can water the booze down too much so you really need to start with high proof. Most mixes do not require a centrifuge if you are willing to accept loosing a decent fraction.

I've been growing hydroponically for a while and with my state going legal I have begun extraction work. My background is genetics and biochemistry so it isn't much of a stretch to go down that path. I look forward to working out interesting recipes with extracts and will keep you guys posted.

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