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As I plan this new grow, I wanted to take the time to upload all my grow specs. I am planning on keeping this grow on the smaller scale and as simple as possible. So, with that being said, I am happy to be back and able to journal again. Let's get this party started.

Strain - Tricopath ( Platinum x Jelly Breath ) by In House Genetics.

Medium - Rockwool

Nutrients - General Hydroponics Flora Series, GH Cali Magic and Fish Head Farm's Fish Sh!t

Grow Areas - 4x4 Ipower tent (veg) & 4x8 room (flower)

Lighting - Mars Hydro TS-3000 in the 4x4 and 1200+ watts LED Samsung DIY Strip Lights

Equipment - Apera PH pen, Cheap $20 TDS pen, multiple fans & A.C unit

Plans- For this grow, I am planning to start 4 seeds and let them veg around 4-8 weeks depending on the size they get. I will be topping multiple times and using LST with some bending. Lolli-popping and then flipping for flower. Clones taken from all 4. Since this is my first journal in some time, I will be including as much details and pictures as possible. I currently have 3 Tricopaths in soil and I will include those in this journal from time to time but the main focus is the DWC plants.


Tomorrow morning I will be starting to soak my seeds. I am aiming this journal to be more informative so.....I will be including how I train and just about any and everything I do. If I use it, I will mention it. If I do it, I will mention it.

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