Mystery issues for the wise!

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So my grow before this one was 21 oz's of Gorilla Glue. This grow was only one plant that never got big due to some lighting issues I had, however after the dry and in the first week of curing I have 3.75 ounces of some sWEEEEET weed. Its smells awesomely wonderful with a super buzz although a little harsh that I hope will go away with the continue of the cure.


Three fans, one tower and two small satellite fans. My temps at leaf level 79 during the day and 72 at night RH 45 during the day and about the same at night. I water every 3 to 4 days with a little cal mag and ph about 6.6. Do you think I should add the lowest dosage of the Cultivation Nation in the pic? Or just continue with just the cal-mag water. Do you think they will survive another 30 days?
I just figured i screwed them up that bad and stunted them. I knew they were not true AG as they were not advertised as 100% sativa. Who should I consider to be honest vendors or are you allowed to say in the forum?
I use They are legit
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