N.lights Mother: Which Clippings To Take?

hi friends

We’re entering autumn in a few weeks and this northern lights happily turned out female:) which stems do you recommend I clip for cloning? How many clones to take?

My aims:
1. Hope to increase harvest size in 3 months (begin winter)
2. Let the clipped mom sleep at night
3. Prep a new mom for spring.

I have successfully cloned 14 of 15 other clippings since I bought my cloning power in week1 2019.

All those were from the low branches as usually recommended. But this NLights has really large low branches.

I plan to take 5 of the smaller inner branches near the top of the plant. My clone power is for the soft stem varieties.

Good plan?

I would take the inner ones as you suggested if you plan to flower the Mom. If it's just a mom for clones I would take the biggest best tips from every upper branch. All of it should root if you keep things clean and humid.

If you can find it down under I'd suggest using Wilson's rooting gel instead of the powder. But your powder will work fine too, the wilsons gel just has a mild contact fungicide in it that greatly reduces the chances of fungal issues in the cloning tray.