Need help with harvest timing please

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I’m growing a single gorilla cookies outdoor this year. Its my 5th grow but first time with this strain. The trichomes are quite developed with a number of them turning amber and bud density and growth has slowed. However, the pistols are almost entirely white >95% and the plant is still very green with no yellowing whatsoever. Most forums and sees supply sites I’ve read say it should be ready mid September I’m just worried about harvesting it too early because it doesn’t look ready outside of the trichomes. My other issue is my area is bad for aphids and I’ve invited a few starting on the underside of some leaves. Looking for any advice or anyone with experience with this strain or similar development conditions that might be able to shed any light. I don’t know if it’s relevant but this grow has only had natural home brewed compost teas for nutrients no fertilizers. Thanks and here’s a few photos:


I like to have my trichomes at like 70% cloudy 30% amber but it all depends on preference really. But beautiful plants army .


When in doubt, cut off a bud, dry it our for 48 hours in front of a fan and then smoke that baby. You will know within a few minutes if you should wait or cut it down and enjoy.
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