Need help with LED panels

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Hello I wanted to know if anyone has experience with this kind of LED panels, I would post the link but you wont be able to see it in the spanish amazon I think. Anyway its Niello "1200W" model:
Need help with led panels

Need help with led panels 2


This brand is Niello but theres like 3 or 4 other chinese brands selling the exact same model for almot the exact same prize. This one is 85 euros per unit, Im gonna buy 2, they have daisy chain function. Its 130 real Watts, "1200W equivalent". They say the energy efficiency is 2,7umol/J but that seems very fishy to me. I cant afford spiderfarmer, mars hydro etc and I find cool that these ones have so much disipation for heat unlike other regular LED panels because in summer it gets really hot in my tent. So yeah, anyone has anything good or bad to say about these?
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