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Hi guys need I need some help with some sick plants. I'm in week 3 of flower and these issues have sprung up and have gotten worse in the last week.

Strains are LA Confidential and Skywalker OG

Spider Farmer sf4000 leds

Fox farms ocean forest with added perlite

3 gallon fabric pots

Jack's 321 at full strength about once a week and recharge about every ten days.
Feeding at 2~ec 1100ppm at 6.4-6.5ph

Temps are 74 night and 82 light humidity is pretty consistent at 60%

Runoff tests have shown 6.4-6.5 ph and dropping ec/ppm but some plants occasionally show 5.8ph and very high ec/ppm. Although I think I got that under control with a break from feed and plain water.

I don't think I've been feeding or watering with enough runoff and it may be a lockout/build up issue but I'm not sure. I also have not been supplementing cal-mag as I figured the jacks mix would contain enough of both. But the problems look similar to calcium def. to me. (Not sure)

The afflicted leaves have yellowing and brown spots that seems to be getting worse. Only looks to be showing on the larger fan leaves.

Please let me know what you think or if you need any more info. Thanks!


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the circled spot is showing you a spot that is leaf septoria,
watch your watering..


Thank you for that graph! I have not seen that before.

As far as the leaf septoria is concerned, do you think the humidity could be an issue? (I'm trying to keep the vpd in range so that's why I have it set to 60%rh) or over watering? I water typically every two days and the soil is plenty dry. I've also noticed the spotting issues are only on one side of the grow room. The other side is seemingly unaffected.

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