Need some advice. Harvesting in 7 days.

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16 weeks of flower? OK
It's looks like it's in its 3 or 4th week. Go check my diary. My plant is almost week 12 and ready for harvest. What is your ppfd? When exactly did you flip or is this an auto.


That plant had been stunted. It isn't flowering optimally, so YES, could flower 16 weeks to finish and ripen. It has at LEAST 2 weeks of recovery and 2-4 weeks of healthy flowering to go. But with the mildew as advanced as it is, recovery isn't something I see happening. Sometimes pride can cloud one's vision to the point that reality is secondary. I understand you love your plant, but those buds are shot. Once again, I hope you aren't planning of sharing/selling and I wish your lungs the best if you decide to smoke mildew.

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