Need some help with TDS, ppm PLEASE

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Hello guys, Im a first timer and a bit confused. Im growing in soil and am on day 31 of flower and was told my ppm should be 900 to 1000. After adding all my nutes at 3/4 strength as usual today, im coming in at only 400ppm.

I'm in need of advice... Im using General Hydroponics flora series and per gallon im 1tsp of grow, 2 tsp of micro, and 3 tsp of flower. I am also using calmag at 1tsp per gallon, and flower fuel at its recommended dose. Last but not least, I throw in the flora nectar at 2tsp per gallon. For every 3 gallons of nutrient water I add 1 galon of clean water, so im watering at 3/4 strength.

What should I add more of to get my ppm up? Should i add anything at all? Is 400 way too low and if so, what would you do? I have my water all out mixed and ready to go and the ladies need water so help is appreciated! Thx!
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