new grow op! 1st Grow! Need Advice and Help With Uploading Pics!!

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"Hello Green World"
This is my first grow Op, all of my strains are unknow however I collected the seeds from precious beasters, mid grade, and "loud"(kindBud) I smoked this past year. I started using 2 100w cfls and 1 reflector with a small dosage of wattage (15-20watts). So, I round that off to about 215 to 220 watts. They are 3 weeks old and I will post pics of all of them. Just recently I upgraded too 400watts usings different cfls 2 150s and 1 100. Some are starting to do a number of things I am not familiar with. (Deficiencies)! Again, this is my first grow so if i am not using thr correct terminology I do apoligize. I will be using there first dosage of nutrients for growth and roots tonight. I would love for someone to keep me posted on what might be wrong with them or even help me figure out what kind of plants I may have indica/sativa or hybrids. Basically i want a judge on what i might be doing wrong, and if my plants are healthy and happy! I look foward to anyone who would like to join me in my journey b4 harvest I got a feeling its gonna be Amazing! I currently have 18 plants growing and some are looking very foreign. I am growing this in a dresser i made along with a fan i bought. My setup is pretty unique. Hope you enjoy I will be posting pics and updates every 3 to 4 weeks. So tune in and Smoke out
East Coast 187 style.


you have no where near enough light for that many plants and 400watts of cfl would be tough to pull anything from just 1 plant..... imho .... and to upload picture hit upload a file at the bottom and then add your picture to there . it will not allow photo shop pictures ...... good luck soser

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