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Howdy! Pretty new to growing (just trimmed my second harvest) and so far I am very happy with the results but I know I can only get better and bigger buds, so I am excited to keep going. My father-in-law has been growing for 40+ years and is very generous with his harvests and information but he primarily grows Indicas and I have found a Sativa dominant strain (Harlequin) that I really like but have a hard time finding in the Puget Sound/Seattle area so I thought I'd try my hand at growing my own. Got myself some used equipment (2'x4' equivalent corner tent, SF2000, plus 3 gallon fabric pots and Happy Frog Ocean Forest), seeds from Grower's Choice, and now I have enough of my favorite strain to last me quite a while. Going to try my hand at some other strains in the future, and of course more Harlequin when the time comes.
I have been perusing the forums for some time and thought I'd officially join up instead of being a lurker. Lots of great info and great personalities on here, excited to continue to use this resource.

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