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Hello everyone. I'm a first time grower in Ohio since it recently became legal. I'm growing 5 Autos in a 2x4 tent, which is probably too many, but again I don't know much. I started the seeds in Root Riot cubes, before I saw that you shouldn't start Autos in cubes and then transplant them. Anyways, I'm just curious how my grow looks so far. At 1.5 weeks after sprouting, I transplanted them to 3 gallon grow bags with a 45%/45%/10% mix of Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, and perlite. One of the grow bags was a 1 gallon, which I changed to a 3 gallon. I've been giving them a weekly feeding of filtered tap water with .5 ml of Power Si and 5ml of Cal Mag per gallon with a PH of 6.2. The last runoff had a PH of 6.4 with a TDS around 300. In a couple of weeks, I plan on giving them Fox Farms nutes at 50% the recommended dose. As far as I can tell, the plants look healthy, but my only concern is that they seem bushy and low - they're around 6 inches now. Most plants I see are taller. At 4 weeks since sprouting, do these look ok? Thanks.

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Hello fellow buckeye! You'll be fine with 5 in the 2x4. I usually do 6 photos in a 2x4 in 3 gallon pots.
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