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Have 4 or 5 outdoor personal grows under my belt. Started as some free clones given to me. Now its a hobby.

Currently on day 18 of 12/12 of my first indoor grow. Have two small plants I have kept low and compact in a walk in closet.

Grandiguava and BRRRBerry clones running under a Viparspectra XS1000. Good light for one plant, two is kinda pushing it.. which I learned this first time around.

Pics upon request (when I figure out how to upload).

Was wondering if anyone has ever supplemented their full spectrum light setup with a 660nm LED flood light during bloom?


I have supplemented Viparspectra boards with 660nm led strips, worked very well. The vipar boards don't have enough red in my opinion. I added about 20% more wattage in 660nm during flower and did not regret it. Denser flowers, more stretch.
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