new indoor gardener question bout pest management during 12/12 cycle

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I have some questions about spraying during 12/12 light cycle, and pest management in general when indoor gardening. I just switched the lites two days ago. I had been using trifecta as preventative, 1oz per gallon twice a week, but as soon as the weather got warm here I noticed some munching on a leaf or two and had a waspish flying creature in the tent that I am pretty sure was eating whatever was munching the leaves. When I checked the under side I saw a microscopic white worm, and damaged looked like what I believed to be thrips, but I am open to have misidentifying it. I was recommended to use Captain Jacks by the shop, and so far have sprayed it twice at 5 day interval. I also sprayed trifecta at 2oz per gallon in between to assist any possible mite situation, as my neighbor has plants outside with mite infestation. I have become more careful about switching clothes and showering working on my garden, and put furnace filter over intake - but prior to this I was pretty haphazard about it and worked on outside grow without concern, which I hope doesn't blow up in my face. I havent seen any moving things on the underside of the leaves, but I know that doesn't mean they are not there.
Now that the lites are switched from veg, I was wondering how to go about spraying. How does one do this? Move the plants from under the lites, and wait for them to dry before putting them back? Time it right before they go out? I have a friend who said trifecta burned his plants something fierce under the lites and I am not interested in that. I am pretty sure that I will be having to use something up until I can't, but was told both of those can be used during flower.
Also are the anti-fungal properties trifecta going to impeded the efficacy of Captain Jack's bug killing bacteria? How does one manage things like different pests inside? Not sure if this is the issue, but get concerned based on proximity of my neighbor and friendliness of his dog.
Any advice is much appreciated.
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