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I'm considering putting a kit togeather for sale. Based on in interest. This is not your normal grow light. You might need a smart device with blue tooth connectivity and download one app. Possibly not, i may have a work around.

It has to be a kit because not everybody has the same grow area, and labor would drive up the cost. This is what makes the light special.
-Easily covers 6x4ft possibly a 6x8ft, 75k lux everywhere.
-it has true UV-B 80%-UV-A 20% with a short timer include.
-1 strip of high quality deep red 730nm led lights- bloom booster
-1 Bluetooth led strip, added to the kit for the red light and ability to time it in a way so it acts as a sunrise and sunset.

So this is a light kit with huge area coverage, proper UV lighting "to the point you have to use protection or you'll get sunburnt. With not only a deep red spectrum most lights don't have but also the ability to create a natural wake and sleep effect through artificial sunrise and sunset.

I haven't decided on a price, i can start getting more specifies, if i feel like it's worth my time to make. I have great success with it. The UV is a huge trichome and thc booster when used properly. This is probablywith current led technology the closest you'll get to the sun in a grow room. It is a very powerful set up and if used wrong it might hurt the owner. So that's why i need feedback. This is obviously a rough setup, call it first generation. It can also be easily modified or added to.
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