new member, excited to share my crosses :)

Hello everyone!

I am excited to finally start posting here. I have been lurking for years and with california legalizing our beloved herb it is finally time for me to set up my seed company and share these wonderful genetics the world.

My friend has traveled the world and brought me back seeds from morocco as well as cambodia and nepal.
I lost the nepalese purple (fucking best purple ever hands down lol) but I have grown out 4 generations of the moroccan on the coast in norcal hunting for floral, hashy phenos that are resistant to bud rot and PM. The first moroccan female smelled like Jasmine, she was amazing. I do not think that these are pure landrace moroccans as to my knowledge their indigenous pheno is an autoflower, and these take quite a while to flower out. However the smoke is amazing, creative, and relaxing, and is an indica dominate that I am used to from my highschool days, one that does not make one sleep.

I have a pure cambodian sativa as well that grows 24+ weeks indoors and then reverts to veg under 11-13, 12-12, and 13-11 light cycles. She does not get dense at all, in any way, but forms MASSIVE buds with tiny calyxes and trichomes, that reek of strawberries and haze and have ZERO couchlock or stone properties, she is purely cerebral. When pollinated she produces tons of tiny seeds which is apparently a wild type characteristic, and I feel very happy to have her in my presence. Outdoors she "fnishes" around feb 1st.

I have now crossed the cambodian and moroccan strains together multiple times and they are creating wonderful sativa dominant phenos. One plant that I am ecstatic about finished at 7 weeks outdoors, reeks of strawberry and chemicals and finished up in the shade (won't plant there again next year.)

I also have genetics from Ace seeds and am going to source some more land race/heirloom varieties from local Humboldt seed banks :)

I grow organically, biodynamically and with methods put forth by Coot, Buildasoil, the probiotic farmer's alliance and Fukuoka's One straw revolution. I grow outdoors and indoors under a ceramic metal halide light. All plants are bred to do well indoors and outdoors.

I treat my ladies and boys as alive, sacred, and beautiful expressions of the Goddess. All plants are given reiki and played microtuned, sound healing electronic music to maximize their entheogenic properties.

So yeah, stoked to be here :D
I'll get around to posting pics soon.

love and light!