New member looking to try jack's...would love recipe advice

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Hey all I'm having great success with hempy buckets I have 3 mothers currently in 5 gallon hempys and am taking clones to put in 2 gallon hempys to flower out...I been using remo lately which I love tried cyco advanced...but I been looking into jack's and how u can tweak question is any of you have used or using it currently and what are your recipes...should I follow there schedule...r there more things I should get to go with if? I really like the 321 formula n then how they add the booster at beginning of flower...and im planning on using beneficials...any recommendations on some good doing 2 inches perilite with coco loco on top of that with a pvc tube to perilite to bottom feed which I get run off everytime...but again any info would b greatly appreciated...on what products exactly to buy n ratios you are currently using I see the capulator himself uses jack's...these are my flowering plants now I'm doing a perpetual grow which is y I really like jack's instead mixing 7 different mixes just have mix one big batch for all with maybe small tweaks for certain plants which would still b alot easier ....appreciate any help I'm starting to rotate my 2 gallon hempys into my flower room have the clones going now for them
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