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Hey guys. I'm looking to start a new set up and after latest advice. Haven't grown for a few years. I'm thinking of 10 to 12 plants so I can't get into trouble. Was thinking of a 2.4 x 2.4 tent so have plenty of space for moving around. I have two 600w led set ups and two 1000w air cooled reflector set ups. Without having to spend too much money I'm wondering what is the best system to use to get maximum result. Also what size filter would be recommended. Cheers folks 👍


Well that really depends on how long you veg.I have a mate growing 12 plants vegged 5 weeks in a 4x4 space so 10 or 12 in a 2.4 x2.4 space is easily achievable..Using pro mix In 4 gals I think..running botanicare pbp .huuge yields from high yielding strains..

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