New thcfarmer member here! Just posting to say hi and show my grow.

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Hey guys new here! Growing zskittle,bruce banner, northern lights, kosher kush, sowah sherbert, gelatoXnorthen, banana kush, amnesia haze. In week 12 since seed was planted. Here's my grow set up so far...

8x4 cube roof tent
5 gal fabric pots
Coco coir
2 200w quantum boards with ir
2 150w marshydro
6Inch intake
4 inch exaust

Gaja green 284
Gaja greena 444
organic wormcastings
bonticare pure blend tea
Fish sh!t
Voodoo juice
Tps signal
Bud candy
Humboldts base a & b
humboldts sweet and sticky
Humboldts flower stacker
Great white mycorrhiza
black strap molasses
Big bud coco
Marine cuisine dry amendment
natures nectar terpene plus
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20220424 143355
20220424 141651
20220423 192707
20220424 143355
20220424 143350
20220424 141720
20220420 104838
20220420 104914
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